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Local to AC/ Postcon Hangouts


New Member
Hi everyone! After a few years of considering myself fur-adjacent I'm finally jumping in with both paws. I'm still working on finding/ building my 'sona, but I'm super attached to Dutchies. <3

Anyways, getting to the point. I can't make it to AC this year, as we're short-staffed at work. BUT my workplace just happens to be a fur- and queer- friendly arcade and ice cream parlor within walking distance of the convention center called Victory Pointe. I know quite a few local furs through our seasonal Furcade events, and a bunch of them were planning on coming on Sunday after things wind down. Basically, I'm sad I can't be at the convention, and I really want to meet more people and make more friends in the community, so if anyone wants to come and introduce themselves, I'd be thrilled to meet you!

Details for the location can be found at victorypointe.com or by looking up Victory Pointe Arcade on Google Maps.