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Loking to buy a ref sheet.


Hi guys. owo
I figured it's about time I got one of these, all the cool kids seem to be doing it.
Or something.

Anyway, I'm looking to spend $20 at the highest. Unless you persuade me.


Nom Nom Nom
I don't have a good example for a ref sheet, but I'm willing to give it a try. At least $15 or more depending on the details you want (I.E, extra details on face, wings paws, tail, markings, etc in different views) I can also make background colors with description using awesome word font to suit your liking. $20 is a reasonable price for all of this jazz.

If you only want your character's body in three different view with fewer details (I.E head or tail) in different view with plain white background. No or fewer descriptions. $10.

Check out my gallery.


I can do something like this for 20, instead of 30 as long as the information is very clear
(I can do it in a more "normal" style, it's toony because it was for a fursuit)

or a front/back+head in a a messier style for like 10-15
as long as you have very clear information


I've never done a ref sheet before, but I'm willing to try if you are.
20 dollars flat via paypal
you pay upon completion
if you are not satisfied I don't get paid
you get to follow the drawing from scratch to finish via USTREAM if you wish

examples of my work in my gallery (press the paw ^-^)


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Inked/B&W Ref sheets for me look like this and cost $10

Colored ref sheets look like this and cost up to $17

Hope I peak your interest to do business. <3


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I usually charge $30 for a sheet with anything at all you want on it, but I can do one for $20 depending.