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LoL players


Hey. HEY. Where you at?

I'm still a new player, so I could use other new players who actually want to do teamplay and win matches to bring along.


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I'm MetalSkunk on there if you want to play a game or two. :p I'm not really that great but I'm always looking for new people to play with. :3


PSN ID: Slydude851
There's the stickied threads for PS3, Wii, and Xbox players. If you have a PS3, add me! Slydude851 - PSN

Now that I'm re-reading this, I have no idea what LoL is. So yeah completely disregard this post. Fail >.<


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I play on the EU server, if anyone here is interested in playing with me, add me (name is Seastalker).

Recently, I got some of my friends interested in the game, we play in an 5-player premade, also using TeamSpeak. It's very fun.

Also, OP, you wight want to add this link to your post so people would actually know what we are talking about: