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Long-term partner search anthro and humanoid


New Member
Hello everyone! Call me Nib, I’m looking for some new long-term partners.

Character development, brainstorming plot, getting to know each other, 18+ only! Extremely vanilla (sorry ) I’m semi lit/lit semi active and can do about five paragraphs or more (really depends on what my partner gives me)

I have a variety of characters anthropomorphic and humanoid. I also have a Humanoid that pairs with anthros (he’s mostly paired with horse guys/lizard guys strangely :0 he is a demon mix) so if you’re interested he’s up for grabs

Other than that I’m looking for mxm “mxf” and “fxf” is closed as of now! Discord only no servers-, (Open to other dm sites)

Thanks for reading if interested Dm/PM