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Long term Roleplay?


Devine The Bearkin

Greetings and salutations once again,
I'm looking to start a long-term role play with a female that is looking for the same from the fact that too many people that I have role played with either quit the role play quickly or certain things come up that stole the role play. I do not mind role playing on Twitter or Facebook but morally trying to look for a female role player that knows what character they want to use and also understands my character as well so that everything could go smoothly. I am also fond of putting my role plays into my stories so I hope that it will not be a problem whatsoever? But the big thing is I am also looking for said female or females to be 18 and up as I feel that role playing with minors is a big No-No.

Don't get me wrong I do not mind doing a long-term role play with males but I want it to clear that my character is strict and is not looking for a male partner plus I do not feel comfortable role playing as a female character neither do I feel comfortable with a male role player role playing as a female character. No offense to anyone I just rather role-play with someone that is female and uses a female character just like I feel comfortable role playing with a male who role plays as a male character. I do not mind the species and I do not mind the race as long as we are able to talk about said ideas in the inbox.

Oh and one last thing please be literate and not just be someone that puts down a few lines in the terms of one or two. I need three or more lines at best or even a paragraph if I'm lucky.
Thank you very much for reading this.