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Long time artist, newbie furry! ^^


Hi there folks!

Nice to meet ya, i'm SilkyFangs! I've been daydreaming about drawing all the naughty furry stuff that's been playing out in my head for a long time and finally mustered up the courage to just start posting my art.

I've been drawing non-anthro illustrations & comics for years but it took me long enough to get started drawing my furry OCs. I don't know any fellow furries IRL so i've always been a bit apprehensive about it.

I especially like BDSM themed scenes between feisty ladies, so I'll be creating a lot of D/s and bondage themed art. <3

Been in a pretty intense art block for the past months, and drawing furry art really helped me get out of my usual rut and actually have FUN creating new art again. I'm damn impressed by the creativity and skill in this community - I feel inspired, and also pretty late to the party! So here's to making new friends, and enjoying all you folk's creations!

Feel free to check out more of my stuff at Artwork Gallery for silkyfangs -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

As for my fursona, I'm not entirely sure yet. I've always had vulpine OC's, so for now I'm going with that. But I strongly identify with horned creatures as well. ^^