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Long time FA member, first time FAFfer.


Faulty Household Appliance
. n a m e . i n f o .
Oven, LeakingOven, Leaky, Varonja, Brash Candiboot
Aged nearly thirty years, like expensive wine or questionably fancy cheese.
Handsome. Sort of. If you squint.

. b i o .
Oven was born under a bridge in the swampland of the Northern Americas, then was promptly dumped in the back lot of an Art Van store, there to be adopted by reject household appliances. After formative years at a pier fair, scratching out tattoo designs for grocery money, Oven graduated to illustration and creative writing. She currently works a realpeople job so she can afford insurance, but we don't talk about that with her in the room - even if the burgersmell is starting to attract feral swampcats.

. i n t e r e s t s . h o b b i e s . f a v o r i t e s .
coffee, baked goods, adorable pixellated foods and/or harvestable plants, drawing redesigns
monsters, robots, visually stunning horror films and netflix movies. all of them. classic literature, pulp, informative comedic articles
color theory, science; psychology, sociology and anthropology
game design, character development, world building, dialogue trees
adult cartoons

All joking aside, I really enjoy the challenge and support of being part of an art community, and look forward to growing in skill and depth with everyone. If you ever need someone with whom to geek out over Bioware games, I'm your nerd. Nyyyerrrrrrd.


New Member
Heya Oven!

Can't wait to see what you got cooked up for us. As an artists community there's lots of resources here for you to take advantage of, so if you're looking to increase your drawing prowess there's lotsa things to check out. You're only pre-heated at the moment, but you'll be cookin' with gas here before long.

Welcome. :)


You came just as this place was getting sad, so you'll have to work extra hard for attention most likely.