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long whiskers?


ruff ruff
me and my sister have settled on what we are doing after we finish our current fursuit heads. we will be doing a rat species we have made but ive been looking around the place for ideas on how to make effective looking long whisker but i have found squat, id really appreciate any help.

the fibre and fishing line whiskers look very fake to me, and id think horse hair whiskers would be to flimsy to have to stand out a fair way


I would still suggest fishing line but dyed a natural colour
Believe it or not, fishing line is sometimes used in taxidermy for whiskers that have fallen out.


You can get different thickness for fishing lines, or fiber optic whiskers if you want them to be glowy, or unravel some plastic twine and use that

again both are available in different thicknesses


Revolver Snocelot
Maybe try broom bristles? I would think those are stiff enough, and I've heard of them being used before on heads (clean bristles I presume).
I don't have much else to suggest other than what's already here in the thread...


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the stuff they use for weed wackers. Just get the refill pack (which can come in different colors and thicknesses) and you can make them however long you want :).
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