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LOOK!! Another furry! :3

Baby Giraffe

C4 Bunneh!
Allo! Being into the furry fandom sure has it's ups and downs. Though the downs seem to be more like graves :mad:. But, it has its rewards.

I find myself more of a Dragon than a furry but I still luv me a furry friend. I enjoy reading what furbashers wright as they seem more interested in furrys than myself just to get some dirt on us. Or laugh hard as they just seem to be talking out of their bums.:D

So. All in all Dragons are #1. Furries rock, and I'm a Gemini. W00t!!

Tickets to crazy town have been lowered from their standard of $14.99 to a new standard of $4.99.



He who shale be ignored...
Persia: Welcome to FA Giraffe-san =3 Perrrsia thinks dragons count as furries two don't they nyaa :3 Well anyway yeah welcome =3 *gives a welcome hug*

Baby Giraffe

C4 Bunneh!
*Hugs back.8 ^.=.^

well. Atleast in my opinion, dragons are not furries. Dragons are a race themselves. Yes, they are in the fandom (i'm not complaining :3 ) but they aren't furrys or scalies.

Btw, I'm just voicing my opinion and what I think is right and not trying to pick a fight. I'd lose anyways :p

AND!! I cant get onto FA! It keeps on saying it was timed out or a 404 error appears. HALP!! I must get back on.

Baby Giraffe

C4 Bunneh!
Total suckness. I sighned up 4 days ago and POOF! Fake kicks me I can't get on. XP

btw, how do i get on the IRC?

Baby Giraffe

C4 Bunneh!
*noms on the steak* ^.=.^ Tanko Tal!

i know a fur in a fur forum, a sin against god. XP