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Looking for a artist that can draw animals good for 15 dollar


I'm pretty good at anthro :)
Haven't posted much recently, but I have improved since my last anthro posting (you can thank figure drawing for that)
Message me if you are interested or need more/better examples.


Stoopid Scalebutt
Watercolour is the paint I use. xD
Colours... with water. I guess.


Slasher Movies & Devil's Music


Burmecian extraordinaire.
I've played all of the Fallout games with the downloadable content! :3 New Vegas was probably my favorite.


Slasher Movies & Devil's Music
well it involves a anhtro wolf wearing power and holding a laser rifle based upon the Fallout videogames
Oh, I see! Well, I'm confortable with every kinds of armors, outfits and weapons. ^^