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Looking for a avian commission


Looking for a avian commission (closed)

Artist has been selected, commission closed.


I've already got a list of in progress commissions I'm waiting on, so I'd appreciate it if artists that offer to do this commission not already have a waiting line; and are able to work with me to complete the image over a reasonable period of time.


Now that bit is said. I'm waiting for a transformation artist to open up a slot for a TF sequence, the draft description for that can be found here; if you want to get a impression of the character and her situation. While waiting for that I would like a post TF image of the character. Something to enjoy while waiting and something to give the TF artist a impression of the end result.

The women herself is a young, eccentric and rather antisocial individual. Think a stereotypical anime nerd girl with big glasses, she's not outgoing and obsesses over her own interests rather than socializes with other people.

Post TF she looks like a anthropomorphic stork; with heavy emphasis on the stork percentage. Note she's not trying to become a anthro, she wants to be a bird, it's simply she could only turn herself so much bird with her transformation. Anatomy will be based around a stork; but with there being some human in there. Artists used to layering animal details onto a human body should note the anatomy differences.

Commission Details.

Preferably I would like to look at drafts for feedback before completion, so that the human/bird ratio can be refined to what I'm thinking.

Image will be of her standing by herself, no background required. Although she's happy about the TF she's not too pleased with the none functional wings, so perhaps she is examining her winged arms with a glum look on her face? Clothing wise think of a loose unbuttoned office shirt with the sleeves being destroyed by wing growth. The unbuttoned shirt reveals her torso; and the rest of her is nude. But note this is not a adult commission, despite being nude; everything is covered up with feathers.


Payment is made with PayPal only.

I'm open regarding the price; but I'm not looking for something expensive. Simply state how much you would do this image for and provide any relevant example images please.

Thanks for your time and I hope you're interested.
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I'd like to try this! A colored image (marker or watercolor) is $15, shipping would be a bit extra since you're in England, and if you want a lot of revisions there may be a little extra tacked on.

I currently have only four in my queue, mostly sketches which go quickly, and i can work on sketches/revisions at the same time as working on those. If you have a deadline for this, let me know and I can easily do that :)

Here's my commission info in full: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/960216/