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Looking for a ballpark figure on a fair number of images


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I've recently been thinking of reviving an old project I wanted to pursue: an anthro-themed card deck. I could do the images myself, but people tend to be less than appreciative of 3D art so I thought I'd ask around for prices.

So, what I'm looking at here is a full deck of ordinary paying cards. They'd be single-figure, full-colour images, most likely waist-up, SFW with no or minimal background. I'd handle the pips, card borders and the backs myself, I'd just need court cards, so that'd mean:

* Jack, Queen and King cards for all four suits
* One or possibly two jokers
* Maybe individual ace cards too
* Maybe a box design, though I might just re-use one of the court cards.

So we're looking at something like 13 to 20 images in total.

This would be for a Kickstarter project so any concessions that people are willing to make (i.e. deferred payment) would be welcomed, but I'm also happy to pay on delivery of proofs and to discuss other means of payment (i.e. profit share).

In the interests of style I would like the same artist to produce all images. As for actual art style I am flexible - cartoony, stylised or realistic, I'll know what I want when I see it.

I expect the budget to be quite generous since this would be for a commercial project, so assume that we're starting in the $60 per image range. This is a BOTTOM MARKER though, not a maximum. If you feel that you need more, quote me. Time estimates would also be welcomed.

Anyone interested can reply in the thread or send me a private message. Please include a sample / gallery link and approximate quote.

Thanks for your time!

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This sounds like a cool idea! I would be honored to work with you on it! A halfbody full color from me would be about $25 if that seems fair!

Some examples of my work are


With a lot more in my gallery!


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I've done projects like this and they were so worth it. I'm up for it! And I can do payment plans. I would make an offer of pricing but I think I'll be undersold. So I can negotiate a price with you that is good for you and me. Point is that the project is completed. :)


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this sounds really interesting. Not sure how to apply to this, but im just going to leave my current commission prices and a link to my gallery for you to be able to see what my style is like :)
I guess I should have mentioned that. Anyone interested can reply in the thread or send me a private message. Please include a sample / gallery link and approximate quote.



This sounds rather interesting and I would love the opportunity to participate. Depending on the details and levels of complexity desired, the price should range between $40-60 considering this is a huge project. I normally get an image like this out within 1-2 weeks but if time is an issue each one could take 2-3 days each at most. Gallery:


Thank you for the opportunity,
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I'd be greatly interested in such a project! If my common shading style fits I'd charge around $20-$40 depending on the actual character. (This price includes sketch-previews and changes you might ask for) If the box design or any of the cards happen to ask for a full body picture the price would change remarkably, though. I've worked with commissioners on payment plans before (deferred & delayed payment) and am fine with drawing a few cards & samples ahead before being paid. This could be especially useful if you plan to role it out as a crowd funding campaign.

Here are some examples of my work:



I don't know how varied your card characters will be (especially those of similar species), but eventually these recently sketched characters of my own might give an idea how I handle variation among the same species:

My FurAffinity gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/yarik/

If you happen to be interested feel free to contact me via note on FA or per E-mail: 1992rafaelmartin@gmail.com
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Hello, I'm very interested!
I could do each image for around 40-45$, less detailed ones would be around 20$ per picture ^^

If you'll choose me, please contact me on my skype: xserzus

Here's some examples of my work:










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Hello, I am interested too. I could make it for $45 USD per image (or half-body artwork). I usually take around a week to complete the artwork, usually I show lots of work in progress stages of the artwork as well. Here are some examples of my work:


My price options are here in case you are interested in other styles and want to see how much they cost: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/15543544/
Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan at gmail.com about commissions.


I am very interested in working on this for you. Currently, I do waist-up paintings for $55 each, or I could do simple illustrations for $100 each, where you would then also get thumbnails of each card before I fully start, and it would be more finalized.

Current examples:
(Personal illustration- still in progress) http://gyazo.com/0722b988b599a964630817c75301fb69

Turnaround time for waist-up images is one per two days, illustrations one per 3-7 days depending on complexity. For what you're looking for, it'd be closer to 3-4 days.

Feel free to message me on FA or by email at Vanchamarl@live.com if you'd like to discuss more details.


IF you're still looking I would be interested. What is the plan for the image type needed?
My Gallery is here http://www.furaffinity.net/user/traficalshours/ but you can also see more of my work here https://instagram.com/vlzerda/.
For Digital images I would ask $30 per image, and for traditional images $40. I can work with payment plans, but whatever I can get upfront is preferred. I'll show you the sketches and if anything needs to be fixed we'll work out the kinks there.


$60 minimum per image sounds like a fair asking price. In the interest of setting up a payment plan, I could do them all as sketches ($10-20 each) and complete a few to use as examples on your Kickstarter. Since you mentioned this being a commercial project, I would also need to discuss royalties with you. I've included examples of the different styles I can do, but please feel free to check out my gallery if you'd like to see more. You can note me there or email me at hglucky13xp at gmail dot com.

I hope to hear back from you soon!

Hey there, I'd love to be considered for the opportunity! For each image, I would charge roughly $75, so for 20 images, you're looking at ~US$1500. My gallery can be found here: http://mischievousraven.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/
My turn-around time is fairly quick; for 20 images, I believe I could complete this in one month to 1.5 months. For singular commissions, I always stand by a 7-day turn around time (and typically, clients receive work before 7 days).
I have also provided some examples of my work here below:

Please feel free to contact me if interested in my work; I wish you the best of luck with finding a suitable artist for your endeavors!



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A quick update for everyone since this is taking longer than I had hoped - I am currently still(!) waiting for a print quotation from the card companies I have approached to handle the physical side of things, so for the time being this post is going to remain open until I can run the numbers on the whole project. Honestly, I don't understand why these big, famous companies take so long to answer what ought to be a simple request. Still, I hope to have news for everybody soon.



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