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Hiring: ($100+) Looking for a Bara-type artist to help draw a reference sheet for a hybrid sona (primate/boar/humanoid)+2nd were-bat form - artist found!


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I know that title is a lot, but I am looking for someone who is experienced drawing muscle-fat body types that are on the hairy side for my sona, which is going to be what I call a 'boarcsquach' which is a hybrid between a boar, orc, and sasquach/primate. And then a second night form that's basically a boar-bat with the same body type.

I have a drawing of features that would make up the head and references for body types I think would look good for him. Looking for semi-realistic, in other words not utterly animeish/cartoonish, but not hyper-real either. And someone who is patient since there may be a few edits involved in creating something brand new. Looking at the $100 - $150ish range, since it's not only a reference sheet but two forms that'll go through at least an edit or two. SFW and NSFW versions would be nice too, I'd be willing to stretch to $175 for that.


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$100 for front and back, flat colored, design and edits included
+$50 for 1 unique pose and clothes

more samples (but they're not bara)

I currently have 7 customers. You will have to wait til February or late January to start.
If that's okay with you, lemme know.



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An artist has been found, but thanks everyone for reaching out. I'll keep my eye on ya'll for the future.