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Looking for a bit of critique

hey folks! I’m fairly new to drawing furries and also relearning how to do digital art after not really doing it for over a year. I was hoping to get a bit of critique on some of my pieces, maybe just some things I could do to make my art look more dynamic? Thanks in advance!


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I'll do a quick analysis on what I see then I'll give you some ideas for dynamism. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion, take what you want in it <3

First of all I think your style is pretty cute and interesting. Your coloring skills are cool and you seem to try different directions which is great.

In the first drawing, I like how you've played with colors especially on the skin. However the background makes the character stand out less because it's too much in the same colors at the same height level (for example the yellow cloud is at the same level as the yellow of the arms, making them less separate). I would suggest to change the background color towards more blue and purple tones.

For the third pictures (Clover with its cigarette), I think it's a little too flat and dull. The colors are too much washed-out, and there is no point of focus for the eyes. The color of the background is also too much similar to the character's colors, making it washed-out even more. You could have use a blank outline for example to make the silhouette of Clover more interesting. You could have add a blank dot in the eye to make it a point of focus, but I think that the background is one of the main issue there.
I've done a quick fix just to show you how I would have change it:

The next picture (Clover again :) ) is the most interesting in my opinion in term of balance. You've got a nice point of focus with the blank of the eyes. The fur looks good in this style and the overall pose is cute and well balanced. I would have reframe it to have less blank space around the character but I really like it ^^

The last one (Arcanine) is really cute in term of color render and style. It may need some refinement on shadows (like the ears and under the mane) to be more concrete but it's really cute and the pose is flowing.

For dynamism, I would suggest to work with lines of action and curves vs straight lines. You may want to loosen up the poses while thinking of the joints as if they were curvy and elastic and then add the sharpness of an elbow or a knee to break the curve and add interest to the silhouette (that's just a way of thinking that can help but it may not match with your way of doing things ^^).

I hope it helps a bit. Keep up the great art!
This is fantastic criticism, thank you so much! I found this all really helpful, i’ll Definitely try applying it with my next illustrations and I might rework a few pieces


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To achieve more dynamism, try to think of S and C-curves as another stated above. Also, try to vary your lineweight ie closer things = thicker lines, faraway things=thinner lines. To really kick up the dynamism, consider using more extreme perspective, overlapping in poses and forshorteing together with the C and S-curves can really make your work pop out of the page and give it life