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Hiring: ($150+) Looking for a character designer/artist to help with upgrades design(Warning: Complex)


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Hi, I'm looking for a designer/artist who can do complex characters like big character with lots of stuff including anthropomorphic, cyborg/mecha, and some degree NSFW material not completely expose. There's a lot of stuff that's going into this character like a lot, I'll explain once I get your offer/info. I know what I want to do meaning the area but not the design specifically in detail. I'm open up to any ideas/collaborations if anyone wants to contribute. I would like to have this project done in a reason time frame. We can negotiate the price and the time if we need to. I want to make sure this character comes out prefect. I want to say this is like a trial and error. This character is like my character.

Here's the link to the character
Front side:

Back side:


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang

I can draw in any style. Check my FA / Artstation.
Reachable via Instagram, email, FA, note.
seems neat I'd be happy to help out if you're interested :D
I dont have much of a portfolio yet, working on it but can view what I currently do have here


I'm an artist and looking for friends)
If you are looking for an artist who is attentive to detail (like a perfectionist) and sensitive to the wishes of the client, then I could help you.
I have good experience in drawing, I work in different styles and I will help you to reveal your idea so that you like it.

It only takes a few days to work.

Коллаж детализация.jpg


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Hi! I want to work with you!
Here's my gallery:


The Pink Nitrofire Hyena!!
Here's a folder of examples of multiple types of art that I did in the past, so let me know what you think!: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nV7DnLQmK6dDcU5_GOcTvZBNE-MTWeEJ?usp=sharing The price list is inside too, but it's negotiable for your needs instead, knowing what the circumstances are for you. (WARNING, SOME OF MY PIECES ARE NSFW). A very small sample of everything I did. I do take down payments up to 50% though, but only if necessary.

You can also contact me elsewhere via Discord, Telegram, or my Email MaxxYena@gmail.com too. (For Paypal payments, I use Ko-Fi and that's how I get transactions btw.) Please let me know if there's any kind of project that would fit your criteria with my breadth.

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