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Looking for a comic about Transformation


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I’ve been interested in transformation for years. While I find the act of tfing to be interesting there aren’t many works, at least not many I’ve seen, that really focus on the after effects of the transformation. So can anyone suggest to me a comic along those lines or at least one about TF’s.


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Uhh the only one i know its called " Turning Pages 1 " its a little bit short and i think part 2 never saw the light idk

Its NSFW tho


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Yeah, most comics are just the Transformation itself, and then it ends!

A couple comics by Valsalia are still ongoing though!

LUSTY ARGONIAN MAID'D: An Elder Scrolls parody, it involves gender bending into lizard and cat girls!

If you're familiar with the games, it'll probably be easier to get into!

Its mature, but not extreme!

OUT - OF - PLACERS: An ancient time, with unusual races of creatures, and gender bending through magic!

I consider this one to have a ton of tongue in cheek humor! Its not laugh out loud, but is quite humorous once you get through the introduction!

I started really noticing the subtle jokes about 20 - 30 pages in!

Its also SFW...............mostly!

You can find them on E Hentai, Deviantart, Furaffinity.......

Or OUT - OF - PLACERS has a site to read it!

www.valsalia.com: Cast – Out-of-Placers


Not too familar with many comics that really deal with life following tf. Off the top of my head mostly Housepets with the early part of King's arc and the current arc with Marion.