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Looking for a couple awesome furs to join our Colorado Pack!


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So as the headline says, my partner Arlo and I are looking for a couple of fun, responsible & adventurous furs to join our pack in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. For the right furs, this is an awesome opportunity! We want to start a small pack, and it’s kind of a package deal if you will. We will have pack businesses, pack home cooked meals, pack adventures & trips, and a strong sense of community, family & lifelong friendships!

We plan on this Fall/Winter getting started by renting a pack house, for us all to live in, in or around Colorado Springs, CO (Central Colorado, right up against the Rocky Mountains. Named one of the best cities in the USA to live in! We are looking for 2-3 pack-mates to join us!

Pack Businesses:

Professional Treasure Hunting (aka flipping/resale): This is a small business we currently run, but want to expand as a pack business. Essentially we as a group, shop for rare vintage clothing, antiques & collectibles, electronics, militaria and all kinds of other cool stuff that we buy for pennies on the dollar. Then we list the items up on e-commerce sites like eBay, Mercari, Craigslist, etc.

Prospecting: Imagine a job, where you hang out with your friends, hiking, climbing and exploring the Colorado Rockies! Well that’s a lot of what prospecting is! Essentially, when it’s good weather, we will drive upto the mountains, and spend the day hiking and exploring looking for signs of rare crystals and gemstones, and sometimes gold. Once we find worthwhile deposits in the mountains, we take GPS coordinates and file a mining claim. Once our claim is granted, that means our pack owns all of the minerals in a 20 acre parcel around where we found them. And we can then dig them up and sell them to collectors and for jewelry.

Artisan crafts: eventually we want to start a small pack business, making cool handmade stuff like forged knives, jewelry, etc. And we have also discussed possibly starting up a small pack business, manufacturing cool furry accessories that we can sell online and at conventions; like sterling silver dog tags, screen printed shirts, limited edition furry art posters, etc.

Assuming everyone does their part, everyone in the pack will get a paycheck every month of their share of the pack profits (after pack bills are paid; like rent, pack meals, health insurance, etc.)

Arlo and I are both open minded, friendly, responsible and respectful gay furs in a monogamous relationship. We are both pups/littlefurs, but also hard working and adventurous guys. We are tobacco, cannabis & alcohol friendly (in moderation). I do want to mention, while this will be a fun pack, it will not be a crazy party house. And we are looking for furs that are fun, easy to get along with, and hard working too; not afraid to get their paws dirty. And speaking of paws, the pack house will be a K9 friendly home too, Arlo has a friendly tailwagging pup.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please drop us a line & let’s get to know each other! We are looking for serious furs, that are actually interested in possibly moving into the pack house with us this Fall. Just to be clear, we are not just looking for roommates, we are looking for a couple awesome furs that want to join our pack, and help to run our pack businesses , and join us on our pack adventures! Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about our pack businesses, we will teach our pack mates everything they need to know! So if it’s something that sparks your interest, let’s talk about it! If your a hater, please just keep it to yourself. Thanks!

Arlo & Scout


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I guess no interest? No worries, thought I would see if there were any furs that wanted to join us. Hope everyfur is doing well! ()^¤^()