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Hiring: Looking for a Cover-page artist [Budget: $50]

Goal: Looking for someone to make a cover image for a fanfic I am writing entitled as "FRJ: Steven Universe arc Rewrite".

Budget: $50.

Idea for cover image: my gemsona, Charcoal Mythril, wielding his weapon (artistic freedom between long-arm and/or talismans) in some battle-ready stance while standing on a mystical-emblem-like platform (or some magic circle etc).

Ref(s) :
www.furaffinity.net: Gemsona Concept summer 2019 by Twiphase3468 (mostly for color palette)
sta.sh: Gemsona Weapon Concept
sta.sh: D1a6be9f-8f25-4c99-b116-aca4c6d72e96 (plan b beard+mustache-style in case original bushy stache/beard doesn't cut it)
sta.sh: 62e8c84c-226f-4941-b53c-c500759ebbeb (concept draft of his baggy pants and pointy shoes)
sta.sh: Gemsona weapon concepts (weapon concepts)(he either uses trading-card-like talismans or long-arm weapons that are (.hack//)/FFXIV /TERA-fan-based)
example symbols for tcg-like talismans; sta.sh: Gemsona's Emblems concept

Rough Description of OC (in case if some details were difficult to see in previous concept sketches) :
Charcoal Mythril is a gemsona that has this exotic-adventurer-vibe going on. Based on adventure/fantasy/sci-fi-related animated films and series, this gemsona wears a mix-match of exotic clothing to go with his djinn-based fashion sense. For example, he wears some sort of cuirass/hauberk like an crop-top singlet underneath that open hoodie of his.

comment below with your prices/terms, and/or contact me via profile page (see link below) if you would like to offer your services (^w^)
Userpage of Twiphase3468 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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Hi)) I'm interested in doing these for you






GN + BN as of 4/28/2020.

GN: each of you have interesting styles that are ideal for my other OCs and I'll someday commission each of you. I promise you on that.

BN: I am not sure they are ideal for my gemsona.

Regardless on that , I'll keep this open for a couple more days to see if anyone else out there interested. But after that, this window of opportunity will close and I'll make my decision afterwards.

BN: window of opportunity is closed

GN: Your styles are ideal for my other OCs. So I am now following each of you and put you on the maybe list for future commissions.


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang