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Looking for a critique/redline~

To start, that is amazingly cute. Cherish this, because it doesn't get said often on this board, but I really like this style. There are a few things I can see that could use a bit of work, but they're all fairly minor.

Her hands stood out first. There's not a whole lot of internal structure to them. This goes over the basics of structuring the hand from the inside. Continuing on like that, I'd suggest a bit of definition in the wrists to separate the hand from the arm.

The only other thing that really stands out to me is the perspective on her feet. We should see more of the tops of them, unless the eye level is meant to be really low on her shins. And just for good measure, structuring the feet from the inside.


Mr. Red Flag
Same as ^^^^, as well as the structure to the forearm- shoulder area is a bit off. On the lower side of the arm, your elbow is indicated in one place, while it's indicated about 6 inches up on the character on the other side. Ditto with the hands. Last might be to loosen up the folds on your arm...ribbon...things, you have a nice loose flow to the skirt section, but it's too zig-zaggy on the wrists. Everything else looks quite nice :D