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Looking for a design to be made![CLOSED TY)


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Hello! I am looking for a custom made . This custom would be a Dalmation!

At the moment, I can only offer $25 however as time goes by and if this is still open i will keep adding more to that budget but for now keep it within it please.

Also please state if you’ll be comfortable with doing NSFW with the custom! And your prices with that.

Thank you so much for reading cant wait to see everything!
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Hi! I’d be interested in helping you make a Dalmatian Design!
For 25 I can do you a full body with just flat colors and throw in a nude/nsfw version! If you’re interested to see what I can do, I have my gallery with some of my characters designs! Thanks in advance for your consideration!


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Hi, I'm very interested in working with you
my work tends towards realism, but i am also very skilled with the cell shading arts.

here are my portfolios for you to review

cel shading arts

you can send me a message here or on my discord if you want (Luiz Paulo#2657)

If you are interested in my work but have questions, I can send you a sketch, no obligation


OOOH I have an experimental style that you could afford!!!! like a waist up drawing and I'll make sure to make this quality and CUTE AF here is my website for my examples and options! Also trust me, I would LOVE to do something NSFW for you >: )) !!!!! Let's 100% talk more details I'd love to work for you!!! Kotonen#0088 is my discord if you use that!!! <3 ALSO I can easily draw in the style of what your pfp looks like if you like this type of style!! I can show you my nsfw / furry examples over discord since they are primarily private( here is one example though!) . But anyways, thank you for reading this!