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Looking for a fair fight...


I shall keep the beats
Is there anyone here that have Puyo Puyo Tetris/Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 on switch?
I'm kinda tired of just getting annahilated in puzzle league and wanna find a rival on my skill level to have fair matches and intense action!
First of all: if you're a Puyo main, well, I don't want that, I fear them, so I'm looking for a tetris player
And second: to make it a fair fight I need to say my skill level: above average, I constantly use T-spins when I have the opportunity too and I'm kinda fast in block placing (but I'd say not to the point to say I'm a pro) so of course, I'd be looking a player that knows thier spins
Oh yea, and actually it's quite frequent I missdrop... (I swear I'm trying to not to!)