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Kelacao - meaning "adventure" or "journey" in the Bojuren language - is the blanket term for our fantasy roleplaying guild. It is a guild where you can make new friends and sharpen your creative writing skills. Immerse yourself by creating original characters with which you can interact with other members through collaborative stories. As a member, you can also purchase items for your characters from shops, trade with other members in exchange for goods and services, and partake in special events to win stuff that will greatly impact your characters’ narratives. The worlds of Kelacao have a rich history with much to discover.


The narrative is set five thousand years into the future in an era known as the Concordian Starweb Era. In a solar system far from Earth, there are four planets known respectively as Odilia, Medyga, Nomuen, and Gishmia. These planets are home to unique plant and wildlife, such as the Maige Vzoge, a ferocious creature that feasts on the honey in giant bee caves, and Bojurians, who are a sentient humanoid race that speak a language called Bojuren. Long ago, Rhyasa, a goddess revered, scattered her divine power throughout Kelacao to create all within it. That magic is called Magicka, and few are born with the gift to wield it. Using a precious stone that is charged with the divine power, one may brew elixirs, enchant weapons and armour, and cast various types of spells at their will. Since the appearance of humans many years ago, cultures from both sides were adopted and challenged. This gave rise to religious and political strife. Wars were waged and unions divided. Now, a consistent influx of diverse races and other beings sustain the populous while expanding Rhyasa’s divine influence evermore.


Long ago, a divine battle ensued. Ice against fire, dark against light. This battle surged within a goddess. All became enshrouded in a noxious yoke of mist and dust, breeding disease and decay in her dominion. Nothing could grow, nothing could live. The stench of death and despair hung thick in the air. Watching the chaos unfold and her world crumble before her, she formulated a plan to restore balance to her dominion. The goddess severed the bonds which anchored her to the material realm by sacrificing her divine power and choosing to become mortal. Her body, mind, and soul dissolved, becoming one with the void and uniting partially with the worlds. And with the fleeting remnants of her tender voice, the goddess cast a call of hope and despair. This call would travel from realm to realm, through cosmic dust and intergalactic debris, to reach you. By heeding the call, you will become a divine emissary and be incarnated in her dominion. The goddess’ mercy grants you free will. What you do with this is what the goddess desires to observe from the void.


Being a fantasy/sci-fi themed roleplaying guild, there is a whole manner of characters you could use. So long as it isn't too powerful, your character will be at home here. When creating your character, you are adapting it to a brand new world where it can make friends, hunt for riches, even commit crimes. First, your character needs an identity. Much of who your character is and why they exist is up to you. Your character will also need an appearance, a personality, a set of skills, and a foundation upon which to build a story. All of that can be done in a special registration form we have provided you. Feel free to personalize your sheet with custom colours and fonts, but please make it easy for us to read.

• Fandom characters - such as Pokémon and Harry Potter - are not allowed.
• Your character must be mortal. Immortal or godlike beings are not allowed.
• Your character must be born and raised in Kelacao. Where and when are up to you.
• The average height for characters is 10ft(3m). Animals and plants are larger as well.
• You may submit up to four characters. The fourth character must be a Bojurian.
• Use common sense. Write within reason and respect the lore we have provided.


For every season that passes here on Earth, your character is pulled through the solar system to each of the four worlds by a magickal flux caused by Rhyasa. Like a grand web, your characters are tangled up in the worlds’ veil and ferried safely across them by Rhyasa’s divine voice. Nobody knows why this divine voice resonates within them, but it is the force which drives them.

Kelacao is a freeform/play-by-post roleplaying system. This means, full paragraphs are used as opposed to script. Roleplaying posts must contain at least three sentences which describe your character’s actions, responses, or expressions in a given scenario. Actual roleplaying sessions are done within a handful of in character(IC) channels currently hidden to non-members. Your character(s) must be approved by the mods if you want to access these channels. Please do not start a roleplay session outside of the Discord.

• Show off your characters and get feedback.
• Relax and order food and drink in the #cozy-café.
• Brandish your skills as an artist in the #artists-den.
• Listen to ambient music with fellow members.
• Purchase useful items for your characters.
• Trade and do business with fellow members.
• Participate in events for cool rewards.