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Looking for a fatal, 18+ Adult, M/M vore rp starring Spyro's Dragon Dads

I am into a lot of detail and stuff, but I am prey as heck. I usually play on discord, but also eka's, f-list, and maybe sofurry, and have some pretty hardcore stuff in mind. Stuff I can't detail here. DM for details, and / or add me on discord:
Jett Cabino#7300
Or ask for any of my other accounts here or on discord as well. Also you can let me know if you are interested here, but I can only detail things privately.

My responses usually match my partners, but I like a few (3/4) sentences at least. I myself can actually get verbose and type maybe a few paragraphs.

I'd like my partner to be a pred and one of the 74 Spyro Dragon Dads (Or 4 elders from LoSpyro, or Red from Heroes Tail, or Malefor or the Chronicler from LoSpyro). I will be a new breezebuilder recruit (army birds from spyro 2 and reignited) since my sona is a bird and would fit best there. I meet a dragon from any of the worlds or areas in Spyro through my travels and end up devoured.