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Looking for a general critique.


Prisoner 655321
There isn't much to give.

The heads on some of them look a little too big--You also might want to try drawing different expressions and poses so you don't end up with that I call 'orgasm stare'. It's when you see a person's character and they all have the same expression, even during sex.

Practice anatomy, practice poses and angles--And what I really suggest if you want to start doing backgrounds someday is start drawing things from real life. Coffee mugs, bookshelves, trees, buildings..

Also all your characters have the same eye-shape. I try to give different characters different shaped 'eyes' since you seem to be having the sort of anime style going on and all, it's a good way to make expressions diverse.

Also your colouring looks like you are pressing too hard on your markers--Unless they are crappy markers or it's on crappy paper. Try to be careful when working with black or darker colours, too. If you go over a part a few times even slightly, it makes a darker 'blotch' and the end result is kinda streaky.

Either way keep practicing.
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The Underwhelming
I'm a little pressed for time, so I'm going to focus on the coloring. You've got good color schemes, and you've clearly put a lot of effort into your pictures. DarkMettaur is right about the blotching, in your blacks/grays it shows very clearly and is fairly distracting from the picture as a whole. Your other colors are blended much more nicely, especially the yellows. Lastly, pay a little more attention to lighting, overall you've done very well, and clearly have a strong grasp of the basics, but there are a few spots that stand out as being wrong or inconsistant.

In your first picture there is a cast shadow on the wrong side of the figures hair (their left). It's right where the light would be hitting.

In the second picture there's a very strong highlight at the back of the head where the light shouldn't be very strong at all.

I think that might have been a little more specific than you wanted, apologese if it was. Overall you're well on your way, and I really can't wait to see more of your work.