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Looking for a good Rukis quote for a friend's birthday. Help!


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Hey hey, some friends and I are in need of a quote or something of the like from Rukis' work. We would like to incorporate it into a friend's birthday present as he's a big fan, but we're at a loss which one to choose or where to even get started! The forums were suggested to me as a good place to ask for help, so I'd very much appreciate any suggestions on good / popular quotes or something like that. Thanks a lot!


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There's a quote from the end of Heretic that I particularly liked (honestly, the whole book is just amazing although this passage is the one that stood out to me the most). Thankfully, I had it highlighted on my Kindle so I didn't need to go digging through the last few chapters again :p

It didn't matter if we weren't bound by blood. Family requires no breeding, no blood...only love.