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Looking for a League of Legends Based Commission


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Hey there everyone! I'm back after my Hiatus of getting commissions to get another one from you lovelies!

This one this time is going to involve my character Momma Jerbear!

I have plenty more References as well of my character if anyone would love to check the gallery i will post here, be cautious though as a lot of it is NSFW! Userpage of IAmTheHusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

This time i would like a commission of my Character Momma Jerbear drawn IN the outfit of Ekko From league of legends


As for details, we can hash them out in a private conversation, but My guildines are

Full Body
Full color
My desired price is 80-100$
But that could be worked around if i enjoy your art style that much!
Pm Me here if you are interested!
Thanks everyone!​
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Hiya! I'd be interested in doing the commission for you.
Within your budget I can make a flat color (left + center images) OR a shaded color sketch for $80. :D

I also offer clean fully shaded work, it's a bit past budget, at $130.

You're welcome to look through the rest of my FA gallery for more samples of my art.
If you have any inquiries, feel free to get in touch through PM, note, or my work email: neganeon@gmail.com



I'd be happy to work with you if you're still looking for someone.
I can offer a fullbody fully shaded piece for around 70$-85$ depending on the complexity of the background in the piece. I also have a small fee for edits but the first two are free of charge if anything!

Here's a link to my gallery (warning there are a few that are NSFW!) --> Artwork Gallery for Dipindu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Feel free to PM here, note me on my FA or email me (ursachum@gmail.com)

A few samples:

Thank you for your time!


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Hi! I've done several videogame-based commissions and I'd love to draw your character! Considering your budget and idea, I can offer you a digital illustration with softshading and detailed background starting at 30$ (plus an additional fee depending on the background chosen). Here are some examples: www.furaffinity.net: Autumn Colours (Commission) by valery91thunder www.furaffinity.net: Leaves Are Yellowing (Commission) by valery91thunder www.furaffinity.net: Last Lights Of The Day (Commission) by valery91thunder
I do SFW art only and I'm used to draw any kind of species/breed/hybrid/humanoid character! Payment is via Paypal only, and I provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval. If interested, you can either note me on FA: Userpage of valery91thunder -- Fur Affinity [dot] net or email me at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it!


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Hi! I'd like to show you what I can do, maybe it's what you're looking for.

Prices range from $10 to $50 (more info here)

If you're interested, PM me on my page.
Thank you for reading!