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Looking for a long term m/m roleplay partner. (Or at least a test rp for one.)


Heya guys! As the title would suggest, i'm in the search for a roleplay partner that would be willing to perform long-term dating rps with my fursona, Fable. Im primarily looking for somebody who likes to be the dominent role in relationship, and somebody who can top in bed for possible nsfw scenes. Where these rps take place can be completely dependent on your interests, but as a footnote, I typically prefer fantasy, post-civilization apocalypse, survival, and modern settings. I would like some help in writing out plots, however, because Its hard to on my own. Co-writing is best writing.

Action is always fun as a story progress, but I still desire for a romantic undertone. I really enjoy sweet talking and if we progress far enough, im definitely down for some nsfw stuff. However, Im rather vanilla so please state what kinks you prefer and we can work something out.

As for formatting, I typically enjoy long descriptive paragraphs, so if you want a quick response rp, this might not be your thing.

You can hit me up here, but if you want a quick response, try my skype danny0connell. Thanks! :D