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Looking for a Long Term RP Partner


New Member
Hiya everyone!
My name is Harlow and I'm new to this community. However, I am not new to roleplaying, as I've been doing it for over 8 years now. Due to me being new to the furry community, I might be a little unfamiliar with terms and such, but I am more then happy to learn from anyone who is willing to give me a chance.

Weight Gain Male/Female
- Magical
-Eventual immobility
- Teasing/general issues; (waddling, outgrowing clothing, shortness of breath, and so forth)

-Hyper pregnancy/short term
-Large pregnancies
-Sexual themes in between (Not too picky with this)
-Alien impregnation
-Magical method/Scientific (i.e getting a spell caste on or anything science related)

Here is a much larger list if you want to dive deeper into the different fetishes I'm into: https://www.f-list.net/c/holtsajin

Things that I will never write:
- Vore
- Scat and other related fetishes
- Anything in relation to rape
-Underage characters or pedophilia
-IRL characters
-Cruelty fetishes/Gore
- ABDL/Diapers
-Farting fetish


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