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Hiring: ($150+) Looking for a Lua coder for potential long term work on a project


Tea Drinker
Project: We're a small team creating a largely text-based adventure game, and are looking for a coder who'd like to work with us to bring it into the world! It'll be an 18+ adventure game with major RPG elements, a strong narrative, and a wealth of kinky content (think along the lines of CoC or TiTS).

Writing and artwork are already covered. We have over 75,000 words of content already written and waiting to be put into the game (with plenty more to come!), with character designs and artwork already being worked on. What we're missing is someone to help actually put the game together.

What we're looking for: We need someone experienced with Lua to help us to create the framework for the game, so that it actually becomes a game! We're planning to use the LÖVE engine ( https://love2d.org/ ) as the backbone for it, as it seems to offer the ability to do what we need. We need you to be confident enough to be able to code a dynamic GUI, and to be able to handle the RPG elements that the game will include.

This will of course be a paid gig (amount to be negotiated), and depending on how well the project goes it may well be long term if you're willing and able to stay on to help the game grow as we add more content and features.

Get in touch with us!: If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then we can discuss things and answer questions in a lot more detail in a 1-on-1 chat! You can contact us in many different ways.

1. Just reply here in the thread! We'll be monitoring it, and will reply to anyone interested!
2. Similarly, you can just throw us a DM here on the boards and it'll be followed up on.
3. You can e-mail us. Our username (at) gmail.com will get you to our inbox.
4. On discord you can catch us at SaltedMcFluffy#7139

Thanks for reading the thread, and we look forward to hearing from you :)
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