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looking for a mask not a head


Ziggy Fawkes Steelwolf
I'm looking for somebody that can make a mask of my fursona, but not a mascot-style head. I've been looking around and the people that I found have not replied. I wouldn't be able to pay you right now, it would be in this year for certain if not the end of the month.

EDIT: I clarified what I am looking for in the 3rd post. Technically it is the 4th post
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Ziggy Fawkes Steelwolf
I need to clarify something:
I'm looking for a mask I would be able to for $40 to $60
I'm looking for a fox/wolf (aka flof) mask or just a wolf mask or just a fox mask.
It doesn't have to have fur on it but it would be nice.
I want a mask that goes from ear to ear and from top of forehead to chin (or upper lip if thats all you can make)

If your not doing commissions then would you mind letting me know how to make my own mask?