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The Confused Little Fennec Fox
Hey everyone! I finally got my beautiful ref sheet for my new character, Xaviel!

I was hoping to get a mate for him so I can get couple art and write stories or do rps with him!

He loves raves and he's more of the emo/punk style but he's rather kind and protective!

I would also love to do a family rp with Xaviel - this could be 1 on 1 or multiple people! If you're interested, please comment or message me!

Information about Xaviel:

(Last Name In Progress!)

21 years old





Xaviel is rather quiet in big groups, he likes to listen and observe his surroundings. However, when he is alone or gets to talk about his passions - he gets rather talkative and loud. He may even get a goofy grin. He seems to be most like himself when he's at raves or clubs. He is very sarcastic and likes to tease people. He can be overly affectionate, especially when alone with someone he likes. He may be a bit clingy with his mate.

Physical Appearance:
His body is snow white with light blue accents. The top of the wings are white and they open up to a sheer, translucent blue with dark blue diamond design. His hands and feet are dark blue, sharp claws. He has horns protruding from his head and jaw. Between his large ears, he has spiky hair that lays over his eyes. He has crystals protruding from the points of his wings, along his tail, and the tips of his tail. From the points of his wings, small crystals dangle from metal loops.
When he dresses for a rave, he wears a long grey jacket with various straps along the arms. He has a small shirt beneath that zips closed which cuts off above his waist. He wears large trip pants with loops hanging off of his hips. He has a max with a hexagonal pattern and protruding crystals that line the sides.
Xaviel Ref.png


Mate -
Mother -
Father -
Sister(s) -
Brother(s) -
Uncle -
Aunt -
Cousin(s) -
Friends -

Favorite Colors:

Favorite Foods:
French Fries
Energy Drinks

Anything with music; Dancing, Listening, Making, etc.
Playing Keyboard
Meeting People
Being in a group​

Xaviel came from a big family. They were very caring but at times, he felt they weren't always listening. He grew up rather quiet, doing everything he could to make his parents' lives easier. He was always the good kid, got good grades, never did anything wrong. However, once he turned 18, he started to change. He still got good grades and was good with his family. However, his style had changed from goody-goody to punk. He always worried about standing out but now he wants to more than anything. He easily stands up for those around him but not always for himself. He is very strong but never shows it, probably not even knowing his strength himself.​