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Looking for a name for my future horror comic

Hello guys, I've been working on my first comic series for quite a while now so I'm already starting to think about making a new comic once I've finished the one I'm currently working on. I have a lot of ideas in mind, in fact I'm already starting to work on some concept art for this new comic but there's a problem: I can't come up with a proper name for it.

I'd be very thankful if you guys could help me out with it. I've been trying to find a name for a while but I'm out of ideas at the moment


A group of friends decided to spend an entire week into a seaside resort where they rented a house right in front of the beach. The place were they were going to stay was not a normal house but it was actually a mansion. The whole place had a huge amount of rooms and some antique baroque furniture, though while stepping inside the guys noticed that it seemed that nobody has set foot into that house for a long period of time due to the large amount of dust, spiderwebs and dead plants.

The group of friends was quite surprised that an antique mansion like that was rent for a very affordable price. Little did they know that the house was haunted by the ghosts of an aristocratic family that lived in the house during the late 1800s. The whole family eventually got killed by their maid that stole all of their money and ran away from that place without leaving any trace behind... or maybe not.

The ghosts of the family became to torment the group of friend since day one. On the third day of vacation, worried and scared of that situation they decided to talk to a medium that lived nearby: Madame Vivian, who visited the mansion by herself investigating and gathering information about the previous owners of that house.

Before going away from the house the woman gives each one of the main characters and enchanted crystal amlet that they could have used as a lucky charm.

Every evening in the resort there was a different event where the group of friends could be entertained with the rest of the villagers of that place.


I'm aware that this story may seem pretty cliché but I'm going to try my best to make the story look as unique as possible, I'm also considering the idea of adding some funny scenes in the plot but I'll make sure to make those events not look too forced.

Also, I wasn't able to come up with a specific ending for the story which is pretty much incomplete, hopefully this description should be enough to give you the idea of how my comic is going to be like.

Thanks for your help!


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A Haunting By The Sea!
A Haunting's What We Got!
Angry Spooks Won't Let It Be, They Just Keep A Scarin' Me!
Another Scooby Doo Story!
Ghosts In The House!
Haunted House That's Full Of Ghosts, But We Survived, And Ate Some Toast!
Hell On The Beach!
Mansion Murder Mayhem!
Mansion Of The Ghastly Ghouls!
Mrs White In The Mansion On The Beach!
No One Could Rest In Peace!
Oceanfront Haunting!
Revenge From Beyond The Grave!
Seaside Specters!
So, We Stayed In The Real Haunted Mansion............!
The Butler Didn't Do It!
The Maid Did It!
They Exist, And They Angry!
They Lived, They Died, They're Haunting!
Unfinished Beach House Business!
We Coulda Used Them Ghostbusters!
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