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Looking for a new fursuit.

Nova Storm

My budget is 800 dollars and all I want is a partial. I was hoping to get a Pony fursuit based off of the MLP ponies. Price is negotiable, but i dont want to spend $1200 on a fursuit.


I'm going to have to agree with Joshi. Fursuits, even partials, tend to be a bit expensive. I'd recommend saving a bit more that way the partial you end up getting will be of better quality.

I have a running list of fursuit makers right here that I recommend you look through to get an idea of pricing.


800 Salted Almonds
Yeah, I'm working on saving up around $1500 for my partial but I might end up paying more just because I want a really good suit.


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PS. You posted this in the wrong forum
I'm about to be open for head commissions in a few weeks, (I just have the furring left to do on my last commission) and I'd totally be willing to do a pony head and feet hooves for 550 plus shipping.
PM me if you're interested or want proof of work :)