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Looking for a new portable computer, any ideas?


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so basically my bf is looking for a new notebook/laptop computer good for modern gaming/streaming, with a price limit of up to $2000, and neither he nor me know much about computer stats, brands and stuff, so could you guys guide us a little? like, y'all happen to know some, or are there any models you'd recommend?


you could start by doing a stat search on compony websites or best buy

my computer brand thoughts are kind of outdated so i don't know if they would be useful


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That looks like a *very* broad question. Just recently I was curious if I can find something decent at about half your budget, and I must say, it took some serious effort to narrow it down to one particular type (and I'm still not decided if I want to pull the trigger on it). There's just too many models, sub-models, configuration variants, OMFG...

But then, a very quick look at Amazon just to get my bearings suggests that at your price bracket it's *probably* hard to find a bad deal. One thing that I did notice is "normal-sized" laptops (at 15" up) vs ultra-thin/very small ones. You'll get more bang for the buck if you go for a normal-sized one.
I suggest checking the recommended requirements (not the minimum requirements) for some of the games he'd be interested in playing and seeing what you can find that meets those specs. You're probably going to want to look at the explicit lines of gaming machines since they're more likely to have a quality video card.

I personally do NOT recommend brands like Acer, Toshiba, or a Fujitsu, but I do like HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

Physical stores are likely to only sell models with specific sets of configurations and will mark up the price, so I suggest shopping on line. Try configuring the same specs on different manufacturers' websites and you can find which one is best deal.


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Point of trivia: Toshiba exited the laptop biz several years ago. Another company markets their machines under the Dynabook brand.

(I'm actually writing this on a Toshiba S-70)



Probably the best way to narrow down the selection pool is to set a minimal hardware requirements for gaming:
Screen - not TN-film.
RAM - 16Gb or higher, 16 will be sufficient for a long time but bigger is better.
CPU - Core i5 or Ryzen 5 are minimum.
GPU - discrete, GeForce GTX 1650 or AMD RX 560 are minimum.
HDD - any SSD from 250Gb and more will be ok, but preferably 500Gb and higher - modern games are VERY chonky.
In conclusion: minimal CPU will influence the end quality of gaming far less than GPU, I suggest you to look for models with more powerful and modern GPUs, like RTX 2070 or RTX 3050 and alike.
Often laptops contains both SSD and HDD hard drives, that's ok, just make sure SSD drive is big enough for system, soft and games.
Gaming+streaming will require the top possible specs for the money and more powerful CPU than minimal.
Then you find something you like, go on youtube for reviews on this model to check for hidden drawbacks and real performance.


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This depends a lot on whether you are planning to run everything with maxed out graphics and details or just something that runs modern apps and games by slightly toning down the visuals. Like i have a old MSI GT70 with GTX 970M and its pretty old hardware but i am still fully capable of running things like Cyberpunk 2077 by just reducing the visuals and it cost me about 300$ with 12GB of ram, i never ran out of memory and i was always able to play the games i wanted to try. But as mentioned this depends on what you are after and if you plan to run everything at maximum all the time than a portable laptop is not a good choice to begin with as a desktop is much more recommended in this case where you can swap out the components and perform upgrades without buying a whole new system.
Got a telegram under the same name as here and either of you are free to add me there if you'd need some additional help, with that said I think Jackofak set up a fairly accurate baseline of what to look for if you're completely out on the deep end.