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Magepunk Fashionisto
I'm looking to get a partial toony or semi-toony fursuit (head, arms, handpaws, and tail) of this character: www.furaffinity.net: Zehlua Ref by Zehlua
This includes a moving jaw, follow-me eyes, magnetic eyelids, and claws.
I need a maker who is willing to communicate clearly and honestly with me about the process of making my fursuit, especially the head. I need to be able to see clear photos from multiple angles, including closeups, so I can check out details.

My budget is $1200-$3000, and I will need to see a gallery/portfolio of your work (major bonus points if you have sample videos of your moving jaws!) I will not be paying the full amount upfront, and will instead do so by monthly installments once the project is underway.

Ideally, I would like the partial to be finished by 2021. The latest I am willing to wait for delivery is 2023.

If you know any good makers, or are the kind of maker I'm looking for, please tell me!

This should be fun, and I look forward to reading your replies!

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Magepunk Fashionisto
Hey here, Now that the univers of fursuit is becoming overwhelming for commission, It is not easy to find someone that will take care promptly of you.
I have benn trying a lot of fursuiter this 6 past years but most of them don't like too much time. I make the decission to buy on online. It was enven cheaper and better that what the local fursuiter was asking. I will share the adress. Have a look of that collection and let us know. Husky fursuit, Dragon fursuit and lavafox fursuit those I my favorite. sometime I even choose a dinosaur fursuit.


Uhhh... Whuck??? What's all that about?
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I make Fursuits and Art
Heads: $220 Feetpaws $130 Digilegs+feet paws: $450 Gloves: $110 Tail:$40-nub $60-medium $90- Long Mini Partial: $500 Partial: $600 Fullsuit:$900 Bodysuit (everything no head): $800 Screenshot_20200513-120101_Amino.jpg

Uhhh... Whuck??? What's all that about?


I make Fursuits and Art
I am new to making fullsuits so unfortunately those are all I have for pictures but yes, I can make thinner builds and a moving jaw would be an extra 50 due to extra materials needed. The head in the first picture actually has a slightly movable jaw


Magepunk Fashionisto
Are you still interested? Thats fine if not and I wish you the best of luck ^^
How polite you are! Thank you!

At this time, I am not looking to take a risk on a newer maker. I also require a bit of a different style. I admire your work very much, and you should keep it up! I've never had the courage to start making my own fursuits!
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4-tailed kitsune
Ooh! You're awesome so I'd love to see how the suit turns out!


Did you ever find a maker??? I would love to see how this suit turns out!


hello, im interested, i think i can help u with this, look some of my work, if you want to see more examples i can send u DM


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Still looking! Found 1 potential!
I would throw my hat in the ring as I've done a couple moving jaws in the past, but I'm not confident or comfortable doing them without having the client available for physical reference. :/


aka Cutter Cat
Oh... You could tell him Keefur sent you. I think he would get a kick out of that.


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Some of my fav examples. I do partials, but not full suits anymore because of the stress. PM me if you want my etsy shop.

Also have an fb: https://fb.watch/6clxVjkoc1/
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