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Looking For a Partner for a 18+ Warriors (Cats) Rp

Mysticstar Moonrise

Leader of LunarClan
So I'm looking for a partner for a kinky Warriors RP.

What Is Warriors?

It is a saga of several book arcs and stand alones written by Erin Hunter.

Okay but what is it about?

It is about clans of feral cats who live by a code of honor and under the guidance of their ancestors

Do i need to know the plot of these books for the RP?

Not really but it is preferred.

Okay so you said 18+ that means NSFW what exactly were you wanting to do?

Well mostly Vore, Paw Play, and a few others... The exact Details of characters and what we do with them can be discussed before starting the RP.

What Kind of RP are you wanting?

Preferably one with a good deal of detail put into each post. (roughly 5 sentences if possible) with a story that breaks up NSFW scenes of how numerous can be decided before the rp starts. Third person would be great but is not required.

Okay I'm interested how do i contact you?

Mysticstar#6963 on Discord add me and say you saw the rp request thanks!