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Looking for a room for AC 2015


Dragon Master
I'd be taking a bus to Pittsburgh on my own, so all I'm looking for is if anyone has any extra spots in their room. What I need most of all, besides the hotel to stay at, is a group to walk with to and from the hotel and con. Since I'm just a 19 year old female, I don't think it's safe to go through this giant, yet amazing convention alone. :3

-I'll help split the cost of the room of course. ^^
-I'll happily sleep in a chair, on the floor, in the corner, wherever xD I'm not a picky sleeper.
-I do not smoke or drink and would not appreciate my hotelmates doing so near me.
-I have ZERO interest in any sexual activity and want none of it.
-I'm open to making new furry friends. :D