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Looking for a room for Eurofurence!


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SOO.... I need a room for eurofurence
I would prefer it to be in estrel but anywhere close will do (within walking distance) I dont want to have to take a taxi ^u^''
Something affordable, nothing too expensive
I will share room payment with you of course ^u^
female is prefered but im getting pretty desperate so a male might do ;u;
Im not too picky ;u; in a tight spot here soo,,,
I would want to stay with someone who is staying for all of the days of the Con

Info About Me:
Name: Dalynn
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: canine of sorts
if you have a room available and would like to share and help a fellow furry out, email me at xxcreepycraftxx@gmail.com
please and thanks! ;u;
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