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Looking for a serious and dedicated to create a serious and moveing story with me.


The dragon enthusiast
Ive had for a long while bouncing around in my head to idea of doing a story based around the idea of a dragon and a simple human.

It starts with the dragon (me) haveing been long ago imprisoned by the local people out of greed and other sick reasons. Your character would be one who grows sympathetic towards mine maybe because of listening to stories of mine and listening to the rambleings of an old dragon whos lost everything. At some point further down the line your character tries to free mine and succeds but in the process gets mortally wounded. After the escape the dragon give your character a choice and a gift that will change everything... and affect the world drastically.

This will be an rp about friendship turmoil and overcomeing impossible odds in the name of hope. I hope to create a story we both will remember.