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Looking for a SFW age regression roleplay [Discord]


New Member
Hello! I am interested in doing an RP where my character is regressed physically. I am fine with playing as both mentally nonregressed or regressed mentally characters. Dirty diapers make me uncomfortable, so my characters can wear diapers but not use them. I want to roleplay via discord.

I can roleplay with both fully unregressed characters and fully regressed characters.

If you are interested, reply to this thread.
I know it's a relatively old thread, but I would be interested as well.

I typically do a third person, past tense, paragraph style with usually 1 to 2 paragraphs per post, so if you're interested, pm me.
I'm really hoping you see the irony in your post. Because it's a little funny if I'm interpretting it correctly.

Anyways my offer was partially for OP if they came back and partially for anyone coming after who read this.