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Looking for a simple portrait done. Trading a tail.


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I'm looking to have a portrait done of me, so that I can have something other than a bobcat as my avatar . xD I'm hoping someone who can do this for me is willing to get a small tail in return. Basically, a keychain tail.

Like these, except without the length of braid. These are WIPs of full length tails. xD So basically, a keychain tail that's about... 7-10 inches long, and 4-6 inches wide? ^^


So if you're interested, I guess post some examples. x3

I'm looking to get a NON anthro portrait. Just a silver fox with a blue eye, and a green eye.

Also, PLEASE DO NOT DRAW THE PICTURE until we are in full agreement. Get it? So unless I say "Okay" to your trade request, I don't want art from you. : /

Also, I'm looking for a specific style. Not quite sure how to explain it, other than.. it's kinda sketchy? I dunno. Sketchy, but detailed. Whatever. Just post some animal portraits you've done and lemme look? XD As for my side of the trade, you can have whatever color tail you want. I just can't do circular spots.

I'm only doing like, one or two of these. I'll PM anyone I'm interested in trading with. ^^
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I'd love to, I absolutely love your tails :>

I don't have any non-anthro portraits posted, but it's definitely something I can do c: Click my paw to see my galelry. If I did this, it'd probably be a watercolor/ink image.
I would totally be willing to do a pencil drawing for you, but I dont have any good examples uploaded yet :/ If you wanna check my page out anyways and possibly work with me my page is on the paw to the left. I hope you consider my style :)


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Looking for a portrait of a small boy wearing a green shirt with a tear on his cheek. Maybe Tears of Innocence. I think the name of the portrait is called Tears of the Innocent or Tears of Innocence. Picture is of a little boy wearing a green shirt (from chest up) with tears rolling down his cheeks. Love to be able to find this painting. Thanks for any help.
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Ooh I'd love to do this. First though - would you mail to Australia?

Anyways, click the paw for my art. :3