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Looking For a Somewhat Cheap Commissioner!

If commissioner is a word. x3

Anyways, my mate and I were looking to commission someone to do an adult commission for us.
I have $21 to spend because I was planning on commissioning someone else but they're not doing the style I can afford. x.x
So I'm looking for somone who will do an adult commission at or below ( I can hope right?) my price range!

If you're ok with it and you're open for commissions please PM me on my FA account!!
Or you can post here with your prices and examples please.


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Commissioner generally refers to the one buying the art. :)

Anyway, I do cheap doodle style pics for $5 each. You get a bg and up to two characters.
Take a look at my adult Tumblr for samples of my work...
http://zeniadrawsporn.tumblr.com/ (nsfw obviously)

zeniawulfe@gmail.com if you are interested.
Depending on the details of the commission, I might be willing to do full-color full-body piece for the price you're offering. Some examples of my work here:

I do not have any adult examples, but I do not require up front payment either. All commission details are here:


 私わ悪魔です :3
I'm always willing to work within anyone's budget :)

You can check out my FA gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/dresdencomplex/

If you'd be interested you can send me a note on my FA account and we can work out a price point that would work for both of us~


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For $21, I can draw you a picture with both characters, shading, and a simple background and send you the hard copy of the drawing.
Most of my adult examples right now are a couple of months old.

My examples:
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6799279/ (NSFW)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6799212/ (NSFW)

Please note me on my FA if you're interested.


heres mine. to tell the truth, i can do waaay better than this, but i havent had the time so please excuse this!
my latest is the full colored personal one XD

Sketches are 5 USD

Line art is 10 USD ( i can do colored line art too! tradition or digital)

Flat Color is 12 USD (can do traditionally or digitally)

Cell Shading is 15 USD (can do traditional or digital)

Light shading is 18 USD
i have no sample for this because i just found out about this which basically gives me the excuse to not put high lights ;D

Fully Colored is 20 USD
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7483727 (this is my newest submission! i hope this makes you consider)

2 people is the same price, soo getting a flat with 2 people is 12 USD. if you add more than 2 people, then the price will bump up 2 dollars per person :3

Ref sheets are 25-30(depending on what you want)