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Looking for a specific furry game


New Member
I do not remember the game's name but I know it's NSFW, one of the game's main features were it's curses and what effect it had on the player character, I remember one of the curses involved stolen gold, the person affected by said cursed could no longer hold onto gold or treasure otherwise they would absorb it, and I think the way to break the curse was to return the same amount of gold to the person or object that cursed you. I hope someone has a vague idea of what I am talking about and can point me the right way.

Stray Cat Terry

I doubt you'll make it if it's a Flash game. You'll have to tweak around with the html stuff... I don't know how to either in that case. UnU

Otherwise, if it's from steam and/or is a client-based game, the only thing left is to find it. But uh... There are too many NSFW themed furry games around, and I mean too many! >p<