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Tutorial: Looking for a tutor


The Comedian
Wanted: A tutor who is familiar in the animation of still pictures!

When: Depends on you I suppose, I'd say at least once a week until I have a decent grasp of the steps.

Payment: Can be decided upon but willing to go up to a 100 dollars US, for an hour of lesson or more. Fairness and haggling totally fine.

Why/What: I want a new hobby and am eager to learn something I can use to give gifts to my friends. If I can reach the levels of JasonaFX(don't wanna be like him, but probably the best person to reference what I am trying to accomplish) or at least gain an understanding of how he does it, that'd be awesome. But really just the smoothness of the motions is what I am after. Heck, it's just a neat concept to learn. My level of experience is extreme novice, so I need a tutor who can be patient with someone who will most likely ask a lot of questions! Preferably we can use discord and screen sharing to allow for easier learning.

How to reach me: Marcusxyz is my FA handle so notes there is the best way to reach me since I don't really use the forums except for this. If possible, I'd like people to contact me with something akin to a resume? Or at the very least some examples of animation work they've done in the past that is similar to what I am asking for.


The Silent Observer
I'm not super experienced but just from looking, I'mma guess they're using Spine animation software. Do you already own it/a similar software already?


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
My rates, https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/poprocker566/folder/863832/Tutorials

I can animate in PS / toonboom. Check my FA / Artstation for portfolio / full resume.
Reachable via Instagram, email, FA, note.