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Looking for a vore artist!

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Hello all!

I'm currently searching for a vore artist that doesn't mind a young humanish character in a prey situation and a pokemon predator. This will be oral vore mind you, if you're interested in taking this job, link me your prices and vore arts you have done in the past.

I have a budget of about $25-30 to work with.


I'm more interested in hard vore, but can do soft vore too, hehe. Serious oral fetish here...

I could do a cell-shaded image with a simple background for $20 with the two characters (well, one and a half), flats for $18. Or, I could do a series of 3 sketches including both characters for $25 (can be a comic).

one (nsfw)

Mega oral fixation here <3 Purr.


You're a silly filly!
I've never done vore, but I can try for 5$, or 7$ if you want me to mail it. My art is in my FA gallery, which is also YukiYouko, or my best work are on Da, uketaichohitsugaya is the username, just message me on here or FA, if interested.


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Vore is so much fun! I would be more than happy to do this for you.

I can do the lineart for $20 and flats for $30.

Here are some of my vore examples:


Of course I can draw humans. I do offer a wide variety of styles, and you can see there here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/seraphimmoonshadow/4/

If you'd like to pay a little more, you're more than welcome to puruse through my digital price list here: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/6773281/

I would really love to work with you and get this done. Please do send me a note if you're interested on FA.


Hello. I don't mind drawing soft vore and human characters. I'm interested in working on this type of art.

I can make a two character sketch for 26USD. Just add 3USD to upgrade it into a flat colored two character sketch !

For my commission info, price list and examples, please go here.
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