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Looking for a writer for a possible motion comic on YouTube


Hello there, everyone. My name's Jared and I've always wanted to have an animation channel on YouTube. At the moment, I just finished the pilot episode for my animated comedy series, V.I.P. Very Important Pup and had it upload to my channel. Here's a link to it if anyone is interested:

Anyway, I'm currently getting my animator to work on the animation for the next episode, butit would usually take a few months at a time to have be made and I only have a couple of other videos at the moment. I've been thinking that I should put in some other content to my YouTube channel. One of the ideas that I was thinking of was to make a few shows that would be semi-animated like with an animatic or motion comic with voice actors, something similar to this:

One of those ideas that I had involves this little possum boy here:


I bought this guy from a friend of mine and I just thought that he should have a show of own. I'm hoping that I could find someone here that could help come up with the story involving him and his adventure, preferably someone who is good at writing medieval fantasy, which I was thinking this setting could take place, as well as help me come up with a script for each episode. I also would like it to be made for a general audience, so I would prefer to not have a lot of mature stuff in it. I want the story to have a mostly serious tone, but with a bit of light humor as well. Other than that, I'm completely open to whatever idea you would come up with. If you anyone is interested, you can send me a PM and we can discuss it more. Thank you for reading this and if there's anyone that would like to help me with my channel, I would appreciate your help.