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Looking for a writer

Hello there everyone! I'm looking for someone who would be willing to work with me on a comic.

I'm not well known, nor do I have much money so I thought if someone else was in the same position as me but was a writer then perhaps they would like to work on something that could potentially get us both a few extra followers. Comics cost a lot to commission for both parties so if you can't afford a comic but want to make one then all I ask is for some creative freedom or input on the story/characters and we'll both get what we want!

Can be either SFW or NSFW I'm not picky but NSFW will get us more views sadly.

Here's some images of mine so you know what my art is like:

Thank you for reading! If you would like to get involved please post or send me an example of your work!
What genre?
Hmm, I figured that would be something we could discuss if anyone was interested. I don't think there's many genres I would be against.
I quite enjoy superhero style stories, murder mysteries (or another form of mystery), detective comics, if you mean NSFW then I would probably say something less extreme, not necessarilly vanilla but nothing that would get us a bad rep.