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Looking For Advice on a Fursona


Soft Deercoon
I'm trying to draw a reference image for a new Sona, I have a head, but that's all, and I can't tell if it'd be better to draw them more feral or more anthropomorphic, especially given my "style".

This is a character I drew before who I'd say is more "feral" as someone else described it to me.

This is a [rushed] doodle of the character I want to finish designing.
Any advice?


Your description of 'feral' (the raccoon) is how i like to draw my own fursona. Personally i think its way cuter in general, but for you i'd recommend going with whichever one you like to draw more.


Soft Deercoon
I decided to just kinda go with the flow and I came across somewhere kinda in the middle.
That being said, I think I botched the legs, and I could use to adjust things, but it's a sketch, and since it's digital I have plenty of room to play.

Open to suggestions. Yes I know she isn't wearing anything on bottom, but whatever I do what I want lol