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Looking for advice


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hello! i don't have much to say so i will get to my point. i often feel like it's just random pieces of mine that get more views/favourites/etc, and i'm not sure what factors make them more appealing. i would like your opinion on which factors in my art are better (eg: your lineless style is nicer, the ones with brighter colours/ whatever) and what i can do to improve.
( https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/cheeber/ )


(please forgive the confusing phrasing, feel free to ask if you do not understand)


Just a fox.
Your gallery fascinates me. You have a lot of different styles and I think that is really good. I was going to say that I'm more drawn to the lineless ones, but then I see pieces like the "Noise Cancellation" or the "Lookin" ones which really focus on the linework and I love them. I think it's splendid to have a range, like you do. That is far more interesting than if you just had one style.

As far as improvements, the only thing that I'm really noticing is some touch ups / cleaning needed. Some of your pieces have stray pixels or bits that didn't get erased. It's not a big deal but it'll just push your work that much further.

I really recommend to keep doing what you're doing: experiment, try different styles and techniques, use known character subjects, and originals. You'll be able to get a range of people who are interested in your art because there's something for everyone.

Stray Cat Terry

Your arts are more than what I expected--brilliant! I don't think I have seen those style around often. It's not only refreshing, but it also somehow struck my heart--guess your face ratio stuff is really fitting my taste than most out there UwU (Not that I mean I hate the rest artists', of course!)

I like the lineless ones, especially the first pic that can be viewed right away as of current moment. Seconded by colored-lined ones! OwO

Keep it up! And oh, back to the topic.... I guess it's some sorta algothythms? And/or it's simply that people aren't used to clicking the artist page while browsing around trillions of artworks in the website Ow<☆