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Looking for: all kinds of icons!


(Dear mods: I intentionally left the prefix out as this thread is for request, trades AND commissions! Please let me know if that's not ok and I will update it.)

I am looking for a few icons of my character. These can either be trades, requests or commissions. For trades, please check my gallery on FA and DA to see examples of my art. I can draw mostly anything, including NSFW, so feel free to ask.

Userpage of inkblooded -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
lnkblooded on DeviantArt

However, there is something that might make this difficult. My character is somewhat between humanoid and anthro in terms of shape. He does not have a snout or muzzle, and his face is flatter and more like a humanoid creature than a traditional anthro. Please keep this in mind.
He is also very feminine/androgynous - so please make sure you can draw this. But I am not lloking for stereotypical "femboy"/gay poses or themes... do not even think about it, please.

It can be drawn or you can use a base, and it can be regular or chibi.

I will consider almost any type, however I am NOT looking for:
  • Boob icons (he is male)
    Butt icons
  • Traditional anthro style (canine/long snouted faces)
Please post examples if you are interested - and if you want a trade, tell me what you're looking for in return. (I can also draw icons, but I have no up to date examples) If it's a commission, please tell me the price of an icon commission.

Thank you!


Ooh could I try? I mean, I have an idea for it but I don't actually have any examples... but I do have an idea. >w<


Sassy lesser panda.
I am interested in a trade. n.n

I made my own Icon. Here is my FA Artwork Gallery for yvvki -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

here's a few males I have drawn... all of them are very....well they are not manly men. XD


Sassy lesser panda.
I would be interested in doing a trade with you ! Do you want an icon in return?
Mnhm! Here's my character reference. n.n

I do have a work meeting today but I could draw him tomorrow-ish. Haha


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So... that's a no? Ok. Sorry for wasting your time. ;-; I'm just gonna... go...


I can't speak for the other person but please don't feel bad about your art. Your stuff is very cute, just probably not what they're looking for. >.<
Aww thanks. >w< I feel better now